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Horizons Unlimited Preschool School is a bridge between home and education.  We emphasize the care and nurturing that a child receives from his or her parents. The class ratios are small giving extra attention to each child and our activities are self-discovery oriented.  While there is no replacing the bond between parent and child, we feel that a bond or connection is absolutely necessary to the child’s ability to learn.  In doing so our nurturing allows us to have that connection to each child where learning can develop. The greatest gift we can give a child is the ability to learn. Our curriculum is designed to allow a child to master his or her own ability to learn.Horizons Unlimited has an open door policy and my office is available throughout the day for conversation.  There is no topic that we can’t tackle together. In today’s society there are so many issues that challenge our families at the core. We’re here to provide support to strengthen the family bond and give our children the tools to progress and eventually succeed at whatever path they choose. We want their Horizons to be Unlimited.
HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL is a year-round program that offers all day care for children ages 6 months to 6 years. Our daily activities and program consists of a flexible schedule that has been created to provide diversity and challenge for children in all age groups. We offer a structured program for children of all ages that include a year round curriculum. Our activities include school readiness skills, arts and crafts, games, music, outdoor play and story time. We offer a Full Time contract, which is for children present at the center over 6 hours per day, and we offer a Part Time contract, which is for children present at the center for less than 6 hours per day.
HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL is open from OPEN TIME to CLOSE TIME, Monday through Friday. We are closed New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day. If holidays fall on a weekend day the weekday closest to that day will be observed as the holiday. (I.e. Christmas Eve falls on Sunday and Christmas falls on Monday – Horizons Unlimited Preschool will be closed on Monday and Tuesday) These days will be decided in January of each year and will be posted for your convenience. All holidays will be charged at the regular rate.
HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL will make every effort to remain open during the snow and ice.
Due to state training requirements HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL will be closed a minimum of 2 days during the year for teacher in–service training.  This will be in the form of one day in the spring and one day in the fall.  These days will be decided in January of each year and will be posted for your convenience.  You will be charged at the regular rate for the weeks these days fall.
We understand the importance of keeping strict compliance with the state licensing regulations in order to ensure a quality environment for your children. Horizons Unlimited Preschool complies with the applicable state licensing regulations and policies. These requirements cover staff qualifications, facility, playground, health and safety guidelines, and child/staff ratios.
Enrollment in our program is open to all families of our community.   We operate on a non-discriminatory basis.  No one shall be excluded from any of our programs because of race, color, religion, disability, sex or national origin.  Only the child (ren)’s parent or legal guardian may enroll a child (ren) (Proof of custody may be required).   All forms provided to you upon enrollment must be completed before your child may attend HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL. All requested personal information is kept confidential. Parent’s are required to update all emergency data as needed, including address, home, cell, and work numbers and individuals authorized to pick up your child. Current immunization information must be submitted to the center upon enrollment, and all immunizations must be current.  HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL must be informed of any custody situation in advance and will request that the proper paperwork be in the child (ren)’s file.  Parents will be required to comply with all state regulations and center rules as set forth in this Parent’s Handbook.
Parents wishing to enroll their children in the center are encouraged to set up an appointment with the center office to come and tour the center and meet the director and their children’s Lead Teacher. (Tours are scheduled at the parent’s convenience, however, due to rest time and other challenges in our schedule we encourage tours to be scheduled between 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Monday through Friday). The purpose of the informal tour is to answer any questions you might have concerning our policies and procedures and make you aware of the flexible schedule of your child (ren) s average day. At this time we will give you a copy of the parent’s handbook and any forms necessary to enroll your child (ren) in the center. All children shall be considered continuously enrolled from the time of enrollment until they are formally withdrawn according to the procedure outlined in the section “VACATIONS, ABSENCES, AND WTIHDRAWL FROM THE CENTER” on page E-???.
Horizons Unlimited Preschool works on a “Guaranteed Start Date” rather than a “Waiting List”. Upon deciding that HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL is the place for your child(ren), you will be asked to fill out a “Guaranteed Start Date Agreement” and pay a non-refundable deposit. This deposit consists of the $75 registration fee, the $50 annual materials fee which are due each year, and the first and last week’s fees (fees through Friday of the first week in attendance and fees equal to one weeks tuition at the current rate to be held for the last week your child(ren) attend or owe fees). At this time, you and the center will agree, upon the date your child(ren) will start. Prior to your first day you must bring your child’s(ren’s) enrollment packet(s) (one for each child) along with the following for verification: Birth certificate, and shot records. Parents are required to notify the center prior to their child(ren) withdrawing including withdrawing from being on the guaranteed start list. For more information see the “VACATIONS, ABSENCES, AND WITHDRAWL FROM THE CENTER” section on page E-16 for more details.
We are required by the state to have current and updated information on each child in our center. This is also for your safety. As mentioned above, we require all forms to be filled out on each child prior to their initial attendance at Horizons Unlimited Preschool. Also, each year in June we will have you renew and refresh all your paper work and all forms. There will be a deadline given for compliance to this requirement and a fine may be charged if the new paperwork is not turned in on time. Failure to renew and refresh paperwork does not constitute withdrawal from the program and fees will continue to accrue according to the newest published rates including all late payment convenience fees and all other fees due. Annual registration fees and annual material fees will also be added each year at this same time. . If Horizons Unlimited Preschool is penalized or fined for incomplete information on one of our admissions forms or for failure to update/renew this information due to a parent’s neglect, that fine will be passed on to the client responsible including an additional $50 administration fee.
Parents must accompany their child(ren) into the HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL area every morning and clock their child(ren) in immediately after dropping their child(ren) off in the appropriate room. Children will not be permitted in the building prior to opening hours. New families will be given a code to use to clock each child in. The clock in/out system is located across from the office. The children are not allowed to come into the HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL area alone or to sign themselves in unless prior written permission has been given by the parent and approved by the Director. This is for their protection in case of a fire or other emergency. We require that all children have direct contact with a person upon arrival for early detection of apparent illness, communicable disease, or unusual condition or behavior which may adversely affect the child or the group. If any of these things are determined, the child must go home immediately.

All children must be picked up and signed out by an adult and/or person approved by the parent and the center.  All children must be clocked out before being picked up from their classroom.  Anyone, including all parents, who are to be allowed to pick the child up, must be listed on the Pick-up Permission form or be approved in writing by a parent.  In an emergency, parents may call the center and give verbal approval of an alternate individual.  However, this is strongly discouraged.  The center reserves the right to not allow any individual onto Horizons Unlimited Preschool property for drop-off or pick-up if they have created a problem.  Anyone not recognized by sight will be asked for a picture ID.  In the event anyone out of the ordinary is to pick-up the child, please alert the office prior to that time.  This is in addition to them being on the Pick-up Permission form or approval as stated above.  It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the office and make changes on this form whenever necessary.  This form is re-done annually.

Horizons Unlimited Preschool has a drop-off area by the door of the main building. Due to the limit of the number of vehicles that may be in this area, please park in one of the parking spaces if you anticipate you will be in the building longer than 5-10 minutes. We strongly urge you to turn your car off and lock it when you come in to drop-off or pick-up your child(ren). HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL is not responsible for items lost or stolen from cars or from the parking lot or facility.
All persons authorized to pick a child up from the center must be listed on the PICK-UP PERMISSION FORM. To avoid confusion, it is the responsibility of the parent signing the child into our center to properly fill out all forms. In a custody situation the parent signing the child into our center takes full responsibility to ensure that this is in accordance with their specific court agreement, which must be attached to the enrollment forms if any limitation of rights is suggested by the PICK-UP PERMISSION FORM. If a parent who is not listed, or who believes the information given to us was inaccurate, contests the authorization details they must first offer proof that they are indeed the legal parent or guardian and have legal rights to pick the child up. We then will require lawyers for both sides to be contacted and both attorneys will be requested to give us documentation as to the individuals approved for pick-up. The center reserves the right to not allow any individual onto our property for drop-off or pick-up if they have created a problem.
This form will give us your consent to call an ambulance or your child’s doctor or dentist if he/she needs emergency care.  Please list your child’s doctor, dentist and the hospital you would prefer.  Also, please list phone numbers, addresses, and additional emergency numbers of contacts.  It is strongly suggested that all emergency contacts all be listed on your Pick-up Permission form.  If your child has any allergies or is on any medications, please include this information on the form as well as filling out one of the food or non food allergy forms.  All of these forms will be re-done annually.  Immunization cards need to be presented on or before the first day the child attends the center.  A photo copy of these will be kept on file.  When your child receives additional immunizations, you are required to bring your immunization card back in for us to take a current photo copy of it so that we can up-date your file.  Whenever any information on this card changes – it is your responsibility to notify us and up-date or re-do this form.
Parents are to notify the center of any change in home or work phone numbers and addresses. This is for your safety so that we may reach you in an emergency. . The center requires that someone listed on the Pick-Up Permission form of each child be available within thirty (30) minutes notice to come and pick up a sick child or a child that HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL has determined needs to go home. It is required that all changes of phone numbers, places of employment, residence changes or changes in pick-up information be turned into the office immediately. Please give the Director written notice of the change as soon as possible.

All children enrolled must have their immunization records up-to-date or provide an exemption affidavit.  The child’s immunization record must be provided by the parent and all information must be current. The parent shall also provide proof of this with a form signed by a health care provider.  This form will state that the child has received all current, age-appropriate immunizations. Parent’s wishing to take a religious exemption must contact the office to find out the proper procedure for providing an affidavit of such a religious opposition.  If Horizons Unlimited Preschool is penalized or fined for non-compliance of immunization cards due to a parent’s neglect, that fine will be passed on to the client responsible including an additional $50 administration fee.


All medication to be given to children must be in the original bottle with the instructions clearly printed on it as provided by the doctor’s prescription or by the pharmaceutical company.  All medicine including scripted and un-scripted medications must be in an up-to-date bottle and not be out-dated or past-dated.  All prescription medication must have that child’s name on the script.  All non-prescription medicine must have a permanent sticker with the child’s name and the date the medication was left at the center.  A “Permission to give Medication” form needs to be filled out prior to the administration of any medication.  All medicines must be personally handed to the teacher in charge at the time of arrival along with the
“Permission to give Medication” form (Filled out).  HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL reserves the right not to give medicines if the dosage is questionable or not according to the label.   HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL reserves the right to request a doctor’s consent via hand written prescription for any non-prescription medications.  A copy of the “Authorization to Give Medication” form (example on page Z-23) along with the medication bottle and any remaining medication will be given returned to the parent upon completion of the course of medication.

We must be aware of any food or other known allergies that affect your child. If your child has any known food allergies, you will need to fill out an “Allergy/Food Exemption Medical Statement” (form on page Z-21). This allows us to alert all of our staff to be on guard of their allergy. The Allergy/Food Exemption Statement must be turned into our office as soon as this allergy has been identified. This form must be updated annually. We also need to be aware of any Non-Food allergies that can affect your child. If your child has any Non-food allergies you will need to fill out a “Non-Food Allergy Medical Statement” (form on page Z-22) which must be turned in to our office as soon as this allergy has been identified. This form must be updated annually. You will also need to fill out a “Authorization to give Medication” form (Example on page Z-23) if your child requires an Epi-pen or other emergency treatment.
These guidelines are for the welfare of all of our children. In order to provide a safe and healthy we rely on our parents to monitor their children with these guidelines in mind. Outdoor play is essential to your child’s development. We feel that if your child is too sick to play outdoors then they are too sick for group care. A child that is ill or has a temperature of 101 degrees or above should be kept at home. All children shall have direct contact with a staff member upon arrival for early detection of apparent illness, communicable disease, or unusual condition or behavior, see the Drop-Off section above. A child that is too ill to remain in the center shall be supervised and cared for until the child can be cared for elsewhere. The child will be sent home if he/she is running a temperature of over 101 degrees, if he/she is vomiting or has diarrhea, or if it is suspected that he/she has a contagious disease. In the event you are called to come pick up an ill child, you must pick your child up within 30 minutes, or overtime rates will apply. If a child needs to be sent home and their parents are unreachable, we will call the emergency contacts listed on the Pick-up Permission form. If no one is available by contact after 30 minutes the overtime rate will apply. The center reserves the right to request the child to see a physician or have a physician’s note prior to returning. For further clarification refer to the F-Section of this manual for our full “First Aid/Medication Policy” and our “Guidelines: When A Child Can Return.”
Safety is a top priority of HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL. Yet, there are times when a child will have an accident/ incident between your child and another child. If the accident/incident requires “more that a hug and a kiss”, our teachers will complete a report for you detailing what happened and the nature of the injuries. If any first aid is administered, the treatment will be described to you. A copy of this accident report, signed by the teacher in charge at the time of the accident, will be provided to you and a copy filed with the Director’s office. We ask that you sign the copy provided to you and return it to the Director’s office to confirm that you were notified of your child’s injury. This system is aimed at ensuring communication at all levels and can be a very good way to be certain little things are not forgotten in a hasty departure. If your child happens to be injured by another child, we ask you to please respect the child’s privacy by not asking us to reveal the name of the child. It not only puts our staff in an awkward situation but could cause a confrontation between our families. We will handle any and all behavior problems in a professional and appropriate way.
HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other applicable regulations pertaining to providing services to individuals with disabilities. We desire to make special accommodations for children who require such accommodations, provided it is within our power and authority to do so. Accommodation can be a specific treatment prescribed by a professional or a parent, or a modification of equipment, or removal of physical barriers. The accommodation shall be recorded in the child’s file. Whenever we deem it appropriate to the needs of the child to have a child with special needs in our center, the entire staff must follow the reasonable accommodations we have made for that child. Any questions about the accommodations of the child should be referred to the leadership staff.
At HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL the staff is trained in using positive reinforcement as a means of discipline. Our goal is to find solutions and to provide the very best environment for your child. We have a detailed Discipline policy including an early intervention system which we call our Behavior Intervention Policy. These policies begin on page E-18.
Toilet training is best accomplished with the cooperation of teachers, parents and children. Children learn toileting skills through consistent positive encouragement from adults and home and at the center. Toilet Training usually begins around 2 years of age. When a child shows an interest in toilet training, the parents and teachers should complete a Potty Training Contract that describes how they will cooperate to encourage toilet training. This form is available from the director. This plan is commitment to work with the child in a consistent manner; it is not a timeline for completing toilet training. This contract will be kept on file. Each child will begin at a different time and progress at a different rate. The staff will provide documentation of your child’s progress each day. The director and staff are available as a resource to answer any questions about your child’s toilet training progress at HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL. Several complete changes of clothes should be kept on-center during this process.
HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL has a wide variety of toys, games and other resources to offer children during center time. Preschool classes will have show and tell related to the week’s lesson. Personal toys are not permitted in the center, as they can cause disputes and can be broken or lost. The exception to this is show-and-tell or sleep-toys which should be labeled with the child’s name. HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL is not responsible for stolen, lost or broken toys or clothing.

Do not bring toy guns, war toys or other toys of destruction.

We encourage the children to dress for play and comfort as the seasons change. Because our program is based on play and exploration your child WILL get dirty!! Children will have opportunities for outdoor play twice a day weather permitting. Children will go outside if the temperature is above 32 degrees or below 100 degrees with the wind chill and heat index taken in to consideration. It is required that you bring one set of extra clothes for your child in case of a spill or accident. We have some extra clothes available, but we may not have the item your child needs in his/her size. If your child comes home in center clothes, please wash the clothes and return them within one week. It is strongly suggested that all clothing brought or worn to the center have the child’s name on it.
Please provide diapers, wipes and diaper ointment (if needed) for your non-potty-trained children. All items must be labeled with the child’s first and last name. You can bring a package of diapers to leave at the center. You will be notified when your child is running low on diapers. If you run out of diapers we will provide them to you automatically for a fee of $2 per diaper. If you have any questions please check with the office.
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