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Welcome to our center!  We are excited to have you as a part of our family.  At HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL every child is important. Our program is academically rich and designed to promote your child’s growth and development. Thank you for choosing HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL for your child.
A transition into any new environment can be challenging and cause anxiety for any child or adult. Our staff is trained to be alert and aware of your child’s reaction to their new environment and will be sensitive to their feelings. After enrolling your child at HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL, your child may visit and be introduced to his/her new teacher. This will also give you an opportunity to get to know the teachers and staff involved in the care of your child prior to their first day.
Separation anxiety is common and your child may resist being left at HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL in the beginning.  However, after several days, drop-off becomes easier. We suggest that after you do the necessary signing in and walking your child to class, simply give your child a hug and assure them that you will return for them that afternoon to pick them up – Then leave. Prolonging your departure could cause more anxiety for your child. We encourage parents to call any time during the day to see how their child is adjusting. If needed, the director will be happy to provide additional suggestions for a smooth and enjoyable transition into the school environment for both you and your child.

This Web Site will help you understand our center goals and policies.  Our guidelines are all designed to make sure that each child receives the best education possible. Please look over the information given, so that you are familiar with our operation and guidelines. Also included with this packet is the paperwork for your child’s file, including pick-up permission form, emergency medical consent form, child information form, fee agreement, etc. Please complete these and return them.


During Parent Orientation you will be taken on a tour to meet your child’s teachers and get a general idea of a day at our Horizons Unlimited Preschool.  You may also schedule a time to observe in the classroom.  Please let us know of any area in which we can be of particular assistance to you. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your child and providing a rich leaning environment where all our children develop to their full potential.


Lastly, to ensure that your child’s time at HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible please bring the following items:

Lastly, to ensure that your child’s time at HORIZONS UNLIMITED PRESCHOOL is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible please bring the following items:
  • A complete change of clothes (more than one set for infants)
  • A small child-sized blanket for rest or nap
  • A familiar cuddly toy to be used at nap time
  • Bibs for infants and toddlers
  • An extra can of pre-mixed formula for infants
  • Diapers and wipes if needed.
    Always label everything with your child’s name.


    It is hard to believe that another school year is coming to an end.  We have truly enjoyed our interaction with your family.  It has been a joy to see each child grow, learn and mature.
    We are already excitedly anticipating another awesome year!  We will be kicking off our summer curriculum and our summer activity schedule on first week of June.  This will include the possibility of a room change and/or teacher change.  We have found that our major transition/promotion from one group to another is easiest at this time of year.  If your child is going to be experiencing a room or teacher move we will be notifying you in the next few days.  Although transition can be difficult it is exciting to see them be promoted.  We will also have extra staff on hand all day the first two or three days of the new schedule to help you with the transition.  Your child is already looking forward to and anticipating their “graduation”.
    Each year you are required to fill out new paper work for your child and sign-off on the Fee Agreement and the Parent Handbook.  Please take the time to look this material over and fill out the paperwork needed.  We have added all the forms necessary to Parent handbook for your convenience on our Web Site.

    By all means, if you have any challenges or questions concerning these changes feel free to contact me by phone at my direct extension (850) 576-6943.  As always, my door is open and you can always just talk to me when you are dropping off or picking up.




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